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Pictures from Hillsborough River State Park. This park is located a few miles North of USF on highway 301. Go east on Fowler Avenue from the USF entrance, turn North on 301. It's about 15 miles once you get to 301. The park has a huge picnic area that is seldom completely full, even on holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th. There are several miles of nature trails. There is a swimming pool that usually fills up early. There is a concession stand by the pool. You can rent a canoe and explore the park by water. There is also a camping area if you want to stay overnight. Admission is about $5 per carload. Camping, pool, and canoes are extra.

These pictures are mostly of the river itself. At this point the river is shallow and flows over limestone rocks. This is one of the few places in Florida where you can find white water. It's not the sort of white water that you find in the Grand Canyon (not by any means!) but compared to the typical lazy Florida river, its exciting. It's possible to canoe all the way from here down to USF Riverside park, but there is some rough area between Hillsborough River State Park and John B. Sergeant Park, the next stop on the river.

There is a really cool hanging bridge across the river. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to get a decent shot of it. I guess you'll just have to go look at it yourself.

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